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Automated Fare MatchingAutomated Fare MatchingIf you imported fare records, the system automatically matches them with your vouchers.
Automated Voucher AuditingAutomated Voucher AuditingIf a voucher is matched to a fare record, the system compares the fields for differences.
Automated Fare AuditingAutomated Fare AuditingThe system also audits each fare against its client account's custom settings and restrictions.
Intelligent Audit RulesIntelligent Audit RulesOn a per account basis, you can set-up different voucher and fare audit rules.
Easily Make AdjustmentsEasily Make AdjustmentsQuickly adjust voucher and fare record fields as necessary based upon any detected audit errors.
Force Bill FaresForce Bill FaresIf a fare record should have a matching voucher, but doesn't, you can easily bill it anyways.
Late VouchersLate VouchersIf a voucher gets scanned after its fare record is force billed, the system detects and cancels it.
Scanned Voucher ApprovalScanned Voucher ApprovalThe system flags the vouchers that should be reviewed by a manager before billing them to a client.
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Automatically audit your vouchers and fare records to cut labor time and reduce driver fraud.


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