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Introducing Auto-VouchersIntroducing Auto-VouchersWe will help you customize new Auto-Vouchers to distribute to your clients and drivers.
Old Vouchers SupportedOld Vouchers SupportedDon't worry, you can still scan your old vouchers or third party vouchers at any time.
Bar Codes & Digit BoxesBar Codes & Digit BoxesEach Auto-Voucher has special bar codes and digit boxes that allow the system to read data.
Rider Auto-VouchersRider Auto-VouchersYou send these "pre-printed" vouchers to individual client accounts before the fares occur.
Driver Auto-VouchersDriver Auto-VouchersYou give these "blank" vouchers to your drivers to use with many different client accounts.
Reads the Bar CodesReads the Bar CodesOnce a voucher is scanned, the system automatically reads the voucher's bar codes.
Reads the HandwritingReads the HandwritingOnce a voucher is scanned, the system automatically reads the handwriting in the digit boxes!
Reads Many FieldsReads Many FieldsThe system can read the meter amount, gratuity, total, date, time, voucher ID, account ID, & more.
Highly AccurateHighly AccurateThe system's proprietary design ensures 100% accuracy for all voucher amounts.
90% Reduced Data Entry90% Reduced Data EntryWhile the system cannot read everything, it will reduce your voucher data entry by 90%!
Fast Data EntryFast Data EntryFor old or third party vouchers, you can enter the required fields using our streamlined method.
Voucher DashboardsVoucher DashboardsFor the 10% remaining data entry, quickly see how many fields each user has entered by day.
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Automatically read the data from your vouchers to cut labor time and eliminate sloppy mistakes.


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