Automated Voucher Sorting - Taxi Charger

Sorts Your VouchersSorts Your VouchersBased on the read-in data, the system instantly sorts all of the vouchers by client account.
No More Slip SortingNo More Slip SortingAfter scanning, the paper vouchers simply get filed by their existing driver batches.
Sorts All Voucher TypesSorts All Voucher TypesEven your old vouchers and third party vouchers are instantly sorted by client account.
Never Bill a Wrong ClientNever Bill a Wrong ClientSince the bar codes are 100% accurate, you'll never bill the wrong client for a voucher.
Never Bill a Voucher TwiceNever Bill a Voucher TwiceSince each voucher has a unique ID, the system won't let you bill the same voucher twice.
Client Reporting OptionsClient Reporting OptionsAfter sorting, clients can view their unbilled vouchers online and see their next invoice total.
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Automatically sort your vouchers to 100% eliminate the labor time and invoicing mistakes.


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