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Processes Your PaymentsProcesses Your PaymentsInstead of you doing the work, the system automatically processes your driver payments.
Multiple Payment MethodsMultiple Payment MethodsChoose from many automatic payment options: Pre-Paid Debit Cards, EFTs/ACHs, and Checks.
Easily Set-Up ProcessingEasily Set-Up ProcessingWe will help you set-up the appropriate merchant account for your automated driver payments.
Payment PreparationsPayment PreparationsWe'll help purchase debit cards, collect banking information, or design your new checks.
Flexible SchedulingFlexible SchedulingAutomatically schedule your driver payments daily, weekly, monthly, or by any schedule.
Driver Debit CardsDriver Debit CardsYour drivers will love the speed and convenience of using pre-paid debit cards.
Automated Card LoadingAutomated Card LoadingSave time by automatically loading your drivers' debit cards with their credit balances.
Cashier Card LoadingCashier Card LoadingIf preferred, the cashier can quickly load a pre-paid debit card during a cashiering session.
Driver EFTs / ACHsDriver EFTs / ACHsYour drivers will love the speed and convenience of receiving direct deposits.
Automated EFTs / ACHsAutomated EFTs / ACHsSave time by automatically debiting or crediting funds from your drivers' bank accounts.
Cashier EFTs / ACHsCashier EFTs / ACHsIf preferred, the cashier can quickly process an EFT during a cashiering session.
EFT / ACH PowerEFT / ACH PowerCollecting balances by EFT (direct debit) will give you more power and cut labor time.
Instantly Print ChecksInstantly Print ChecksThe cashier can quickly print a driver check during a cashiering session to eliminate cash.
Automated Driver ChecksAutomated Driver ChecksCut labor costs by printing your driver checks in automatic weekly or monthly batches.
Easy CorrectionsEasy CorrectionsQuickly delete or reverse electronic payments to easily make corrections.
Automated NotificationsAutomated NotificationsYour drivers will receive automatic email notifications related to their payments.
PCI DSS CompliantPCI DSS CompliantTaxi Charger's automated driver payments is a low cost, fully PCI DSS compliant solution.
Multiple Reporting OptionsMultiple Reporting OptionsDrivers can view their payments by email, phone app, online reporting, and paper receipts.
Payment DashboardsPayment DashboardsQuickly see exactly what payments you've processed by type, day, week, and month.
Save My Own ReportsSave My Own ReportsSave time by designing your own custom payment reports by any search criteria.
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Automatically process your driver payments to cut labor time and make life easier for your drivers.


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