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Quickly Cashier DriversQuickly Cashier DriversEasily and quickly cashier your drivers using the live cashiering or drop-box model.
Live Cashiering ModelLive Cashiering ModelTaxi Charger fully supports the live cashiering model with a full service cashiering window.
Drop-Box Cashiering ModelDrop-Box Cashiering ModelTaxi Charger also fully supports the model where drivers drop off their charges for processing.
Easy Cashiering Set-UpEasy Cashiering Set-UpWe will help you customize your cashiering environment to handle all of your unique processes.
Sub Account TechnologySub Account TechnologyAvoid confusion by setting up sub accounts for drivers who often carry company balances.
Start New SessionStart New SessionThe cashier can start a new cashiering session by the driver's vehicle, name, or driver ID.
Pop-Up Driver PhotoPop-Up Driver PhotoAt the start of a new session, the driver's photo can appear for the cashier to confirm.
Pop-Up Cashier RemindersPop-Up Cashier RemindersAt the start of a new session, a driver reminder message can pop-up for the cashier to confirm.
Review New ChargesReview New ChargesAt the start of a new session, the cashier can quickly review all newly posted transactions.
Images of Charge-BacksImages of Charge-BacksThe cashier can easily open and print images of new charge-backs, parking tickets, and bills.
Review All BalancesReview All BalancesDuring a session, the cashier can also quickly review the driver's loan and deposit balances.
Post New ChargesPost New ChargesIf not auto-imported, the cashier can post vouchers, credit cards, gift certificates, and the like.
Electronic Adding TapesElectronic Adding TapesThe cashier can use our electronic adding tapes to eliminate errors and fix mistakes faster.
Voucher SecurityVoucher SecurityEvery voucher is instantly tagged with a tracking number to guarantee that it gets invoiced.
Automated Fee DeductionsAutomated Fee DeductionsOur cashiering technology will automatically deduct all of your transaction and discount fees.
Charges On HoldCharges On HoldDepending on your policies, the cashier can put a driver's credits on hold until a later date.
Easily Sell GoodsEasily Sell GoodsThe cashier can quickly sell goods to drivers at fixed prices by simply entering the quantities.
Easy CorrectionsEasy CorrectionsThe cashier can easily and quickly make corrections while maintaining a clear audit trail.
Multiple Payment OptionsMultiple Payment OptionsThe cashier can process a variety of payments ranging from cash to electronic debit cards.
Multiple Receipt OptionsMultiple Receipt OptionsDrivers can view their cashiering receipts by email, phone app, online reporting, and paper receipt.
End Session BalancedEnd Session BalancedOur cashiering technology ensures that every session is fully balanced when it ends.
Full Cashiering HistoryFull Cashiering HistoryFeel confident that every cashiering session and receipt can be reviewed are reprinted.
Accuracy ChecksAccuracy ChecksWhen the vouchers are later scanned, the system also checks that you paid the driver correctly.
Late Fee ManagementLate Fee ManagementQuickly post late fees to your driver accounts when they don't pay you on time.
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