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Customer TestimonialsCustomer TestimonialsLet our customers help convince you that Taxi Charger is your best choice!
Owner, Casino Taxi, HalifaxOwner, Casino Taxi, Halifax"Taxi Charger is certainly adding value to our business. Our administrative backlog has been cut dramatically. We’re really enjoying the Taxi Charger system."
General Manager, Chilliwack Taxi, British ColumbiaGeneral Manager, Chilliwack Taxi, British Columbia“I have a little bit of background in computers and based on this fact, I appreciate the hard work you have done making Taxi Charger a "Success." "We spent five years to develop this program" or " We interviewed 50 taxi companies" are not merely phrases from a sales pitch. These phrases mean what they say. I can imagine how much hard work, integrity, and sincerity have been playing their roles in bringing up Taxi Charger on a success path.”
Cashiering Employee, Coventry Connections, OttawaCashiering Employee, Coventry Connections, Ottawa"I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what a huge help the Support Desk has been in assisting me in a few circumstances. Every so often I come with a request and the girls are always more than helpful and get back to me in lightening time which makes some aspects of my job easier. I sometimes deal with sensitive issues and the girls are a key player in some of the results happening as quickly as they do.”
General Manager, Casino Taxi, HalifaxGeneral Manager, Casino Taxi, Halifax“This further underscores your company, your business abilities, and your employees. It has been a pleasure to work with you and every member of the Taxi Charger team. Our expectations are consistently exceeded and it seems in today's world this customer service is a hard thing to come by. I hope the rest of your customers see what an excellent job you are doing. Keep up the good work!”
Owner,  County Cab / Yellow Cab, St. LouisOwner, County Cab / Yellow Cab, St. Louis"The procedure your company has for keeping everybody up to date on even KNOWING what upgrades have been made to Taxi Charger software is great! I am so tired of constantly doing software upgrades of other company’s software where features are added that would have been useful to know about only to find out years later that the system can do that!"
Manager, Beck Taxi, TorontoManager, Beck Taxi, Toronto“You are the BEST!!!!!!! Thank you for something that must have taken forever and giving it your utmost priority. Our customer is very pleased. I did make mention that the effort was put forth by Taxi Charger and our rep wants to thank you as well. Thank you again!”
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