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Makes Your InvoicesMakes Your InvoicesInvoices are automatically made overnight one-by-one using all of your voucher and fare records.
Delivers Your InvoicesDelivers Your InvoicesInvoices are automatically emailed to clients and posted online for clients to access.
Reduces Invoice PrintingReduces Invoice PrintingDon't worry, you can still easily print the invoices that were not emailed to your clients.
Flexible SchedulesFlexible SchedulesQuickly set your client invoices to run weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or by any schedule.
PDF & Spreadsheet FormatsPDF & Spreadsheet FormatsAll reports are made in PDF and spreadsheet formats for easy viewing, usage, and printing.
Accurate & ProfessionalAccurate & ProfessionalInvoices are highly accurate and easy-to-use which greatly reduces customer problems.
Clear Voucher ImagesClear Voucher ImagesEach invoice contains tiled images of vouchers that look just like the original slips.
Just Like The BanksJust Like The BanksThe client invoices are very similar to bank statements that display tiled images of checks.
Detailed Table of FaresDetailed Table of FaresEach invoice contains a detailed table of fares that lists trip information and image indexes.
Customizable Invoice StylesCustomizable Invoice StylesYou can quickly customize each client's invoice to show exactly the data that they want to see.
Account Statement SectionAccount Statement SectionEach invoice also has an Account Statement on the cover that shows all recent activity.
Client Admin FeesClient Admin FeesDon't worry, the system will automatically charge your client administrative fees for you.
Client Fare DiscountsClient Fare DiscountsDon't worry, the system will automatically deduct your client fare discounts for you.
Interest & Late FeesInterest & Late FeesAutomatically charge your clients customizable interest and late fees for overdue invoices.
Print FeesPrint FeesAutomatically charge your clients a "Print Fee" if they want their invoices by traditional mail.
Tax-Exempt ClientsTax-Exempt ClientsDon't worry, the system will automatically back-out the tax for any invoices that are tax-exempt.
Custom Invoice NotesCustom Invoice NotesSave time by quickly posting custom messages on individual client account invoices.
Quickly Make CorrectionsQuickly Make CorrectionsEasily reverse, adjust, charge-back, and rebill vouchers without ever touching the original slips.
One Click Charge-BacksOne Click Charge-BacksInstantly charge-back a voucher to a driver and simultaneously credit back the client account.
Credit Note Voucher ImagesCredit Note Voucher ImagesTo help explain things, images of any reversed vouchers are also included in each invoice.
Keeps Customers NotifiedKeeps Customers NotifiedThe system's automatic invoices and statements quickly keep clients up-to-date their accounts.
Online Client ReportingOnline Client ReportingClients have instant online access to balances, invoices, voucher images, and more!
Zip Files of Voucher ImagesZip Files of Voucher ImagesClients can download zip files of individual voucher images for further internal record keeping.
Full Company BrandingFull Company BrandingYour client invoices, emails, and online reporting are all fully branded for your company.
Reduces Client SupportReduces Client SupportQuite simply, when clients have full access to their data, they will ask you less for help.
Get Paid FasterGet Paid FasterThe faster your invoices are out the door, the faster you get paid. Let the system speed things up.
Invoicing DashboardsInvoicing DashboardsQuickly see exactly what you've invoiced using the Reporting Center's dashboards.
Save My Own ReportsSave My Own ReportsSave time by designing your own custom invoice reports by any search criteria.
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