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Empowers Your BusinessEmpowers Your BusinessWe know that you don't have time to solve every problem so we are always here to help you.
Included in Monthly FeeIncluded in Monthly FeeYes, that's right, you get unlimited Help Desk support and system maintenance every month.
The Onus Is On UsThe Onus Is On UsSince you pay us monthly, the onus is directly on us to make sure that you're 100% satisfied.
Call As Often As You NeedCall As Often As You NeedWe know that you hate paying for support on a "per call basis" so you don't have to with us.
Superior Customer SupportSuperior Customer SupportIn the words of our customers, our support is "miles above other major taxi industry vendors."
Multiple Help MethodsMultiple Help MethodsYou can instantly reach us by phone, email, or online chat, whichever you prefer.
Support by PhoneSupport by PhoneWhen you call, you'll almost always get a live manager to help you out immediately.
Support by EmailSupport by EmailWhen you email, we'll reply right away and try to solve your problem within a few hours.
Support by Live ChatSupport by Live ChatWhen you use live chat, you'll almost always get a live manger to help you out on the spot.
Additional TrainingAdditional TrainingThe Support Desk can provide various complimentary over-the-phone training sessions.
Configuration ChangesConfiguration ChangesThe Support Desk can perform minor system configuration changes for you as needed.
Minor Settings ChangesMinor Settings ChangesThe Support Desk can perform minor system setting changes for you as needed.
Creative SolutionsCreative SolutionsNot only can the Support Desk handle common questions, but it creatively solves problems.
Reduced Staffing RiskReduced Staffing RiskSince you have our Support Desk to fall back on, you have less risk if any key employees quit.
Unlimited MaintenanceUnlimited MaintenanceWe will do whatever it takes to keep your system healthy, running, and always online.
Focus On CompetenciesFocus On CompetenciesYou're not technical experts so let us handle it at a lower cost while you run your taxi company.
Free Hardware UpgradesFree Hardware UpgradesIf any of your server hardware fails you don't have to worry because we fix it and pay for it.
Free System UpgradesFree System UpgradesYour system never goes out of date because you get free upgrades every two years.
New Features & BenefitsNew Features & BenefitsWith system upgrades, you'll receive all new system features and enjoy their benefits for free.
System Upgrade TrainingSystem Upgrade TrainingWhen you get a new system upgrade, we'll train your staff on any of the new features.
Data Clean-Up ServicesData Clean-Up ServicesThe system keeps your database fast and clean by automatically removing old data over time.
You're Never AloneYou're Never AloneWith unlimited support and maintenance, you'll always get the help you need.
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Let us provide you with unlimited support and maintenance to cut labor time and eliminate mistakes.


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