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Taxi Company Owner, EdmontonTaxi Company Owner, Edmonton “Our issues are slow cashiering... driver fraud... not getting the invoicing out quick enough… too slow manual processes… human error… salary costs… you get the picture?”
Cashiering Manager, DallasCashiering Manager, Dallas"I hate to even think about the losses we've incurred from cashiering mistakes and fraud... There's got a be a better way to run our cashiering."
Invoicing Manager, BostonInvoicing Manager, Boston"Our whole manual voucher billing process is such a headache… We lose so much money chasing down payments related to billing mistakes and errors."
Mistakes & Lost RevenueMistakes & Lost RevenueMany taxi companies are continually losing money because their manual back-end processes are prone to disorganization, cashiering mistakes, invoicing mistakes, driver fraud, employee theft, and overall customer dissatisfaction.
Mistakes & Lost RevenueMistakes & Lost Revenue
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Taxi Industry Cashiering Problems

Is your company losing revenue due to mistakes, disorganization, fraud, or customer unhappiness?


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