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Client Account, BostonClient Account, Boston “We are so frustrated with the invoices our cab company sends us… there are always mistakes, which just makes extra work for us double-checking everything… Why can't they get it right?"
Driver, St. LouisDriver, St. Louis “I am always confused about my fees and balances with the company… In this day and age, why can't they provide us with something better than just a paper receipt?"
Client Account, ChicagoClient Account, Chicago “I always dread getting our voucher invoice each month… I have to sort through all of the paper slips and they are never in the right order… why can't they just email us a good statement like our bank does?"
Insufficient ServicesInsufficient ServicesThe customers of many taxi companies are constantly frustrated because they do not receive the value-added services that they need such as phone apps, email reporting, online reporting, professional statements, and automated payments. Staff are frustrated too because they cannot easily and quickly access to the balances, statements, and details they need to solve problems.
Insufficient ServicesInsufficient Services
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Taxi Industry Cashiering Problems

Are your customers frustrated because you don’t offer the value-added services that they need?


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