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Get Paid FasterGet Paid FasterLet the system automatically collect your revenue to vastly improve the cash flow of your business and reduce bad debts.
For Example:For Example:Get paid faster by automatically collecting payments based on invoice totals shortly after invoice delivery.
For Example:For Example:Get paid faster by allowing clients to go online and use the “Payment Cart” to choose specific invoices to pay.
For Example:For Example:Get paid faster by saving your clients' credit cards and bank accounts for automatic charging each period.
For Example:For Example:Make faster payments with drivers by offering many automatic payment options: Pre-Paid Debit Cards, EFTs/ACHs, and Checks.
For Example:For Example:Reduce bad debts with drivers and clients by keeping them properly informed using multiple reporting methods.
Make Your Business More Profitable & ValuableMake Your Business More Profitable & ValuableTaxi Charger will make your business more profitable and valuable by helping you get paid much faster!
Countless Ways To Get Paid FasterCountless Ways To Get Paid FasterWith Taxi Charger, there are countless ways to help you get paid faster and to reduce bad debts.
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Taxi Charger Benefits

Get paid faster and reduce bad debts.


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