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Cashiering Manager, HoustonCashiering Manager, Houston"We waste a huge amount of time dealing with credit cards, vouchers, leases, and the list goes on... The drivers are always waiting in line too long and they're often confused about things."
Invoicing Manager, TorontoInvoicing Manager, Toronto“Our first biggest problem is processing vouchers. It's so costly because of the manual work… sorting, adding, entering, packaging.... it never ends!"
Driver, ColumbusDriver, Columbus“We're always waiting in line forever at the cashiering window… For the amount we pay each month, it should be way faster than this!"
Excessive Labor TimeExcessive Labor TimeMany taxi companies still spend huge amounts of time manually processing charges, payments, and reports. As a result, there are long driver line-ups, client invoices are slow to get delivered, and payroll costs are too high.
Excessive Labor TimeExcessive Labor Time
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Taxi Industry Cashiering Problems

Does your company spend too much time on cashiering, invoicing, and accounting?


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