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Cashiering + InvoicingCashiering + InvoicingAn all-in-one system that handles all of your cashiering, invoicing, and fleet management needs.
Fastest System AvailableFastest System AvailableThere is no system on earth that can automate cashiering and invoicing like Taxi Charger.
Centralized AutomationCentralized AutomationOur all-in-one system centralizes and automates your cashiering and invoicing processes.
Eliminates LossesEliminates LossesThe all-in-one system securely tracks vouchers from cashiering to invoicing to eliminate losses.
Drivers Love ItDrivers Love ItDrivers get paid faster, less cash-in errors, and free phone app, email, and online reporting.
Clients Love ItClients Love ItClients get a green solution, better invoicing, automated payments, and email / online reporting.
Staff Love ItStaff Love ItYour staff have much less tedious work and can instantly access any information that they need.
Accounting & ManagementAccounting & ManagementOur all-in-one system provides all supporting accounting and management reporting services.
Branded Online StoreBranded Online StoreOur all-in-one system provides an online store where you can sell gift cards and merchandise.
Security ServicesSecurity ServicesOur all-in-one system provides high security including back-ups, monitoring, and user controls.
Unlimited SupportUnlimited SupportOur all-in-one system provides unlimited customer and IT support so you never have to worry.
Gain Business ControlGain Business ControlWith Taxi Charger, stop worrying and start knowing exactly what's going on with your money.
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Handle your cashiering and invoicing in a secure all-in-one system to cut labor time and eliminate losses.


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