Automated Fare Posting

Automatically post your fare records onto your client accounts to cut labor time and reduce errors.

Voucher Scanning

Like never before, just scan your vouchers and an image of each voucher is stored in the system.

Automated Data Entry

Automatically read the data from your vouchers to cut labor time and eliminate sloppy mistakes.

Automated Sorting

Automatically sort your vouchers to 100% eliminate the labor time and invoicing mistakes.

Automated Fare Auditing

Automatically audit your vouchers and fare records to cut labor time and reduce driver fraud.

Automated Client Invoices

Automatically make and deliver your client invoices to cut labor time and make life easier for your clients.

Automated Client Payments

Automatically process client payments to cut labor time and get paid faster.

Automated Client Management

Automatically track your client accounts, events, and voucher books to eliminate mistakes and losses.

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